The bluefire

Since National Geographic mentioned the electric-blue flame of Ijen, tourist numbers increased.[7] The phenomenon has occurred for a long time, but beforehand there was no midnight hiking. A two-hour hike

Mount Bromo

  Mount Bromo, is an active volcano and part of the Tengger massif, in East Java, Indonesia. At 2,329 meters it is not the highest peak of the massif, but is the most well known. The massif area is one of the most

Ijen Mountain

               Mount Ijen is an active volcano located on the border between Banyuwangi Regency and Bondowoso Regency, East Java, Indonesia. This

Sulfur Mining

Sulfur is a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol S and atomic number 16. Sulfur is found in meteorites. R.W. Wood suggested that there was a sulfur deposit in the dark regions of the Aristarchus

Just Another Tour & Travel

Whether its a driving tour, a cruise or a bus, leaf viewing is a great way to spend a fall vacation. It’s also big tour business and there are many options. As you dream of that hot apple cider on a crisp